Contract Sales Marketing

“We provide contract marketing teams that serve as an extension to internal marketing teams”

Your sales reps can market a fixed portfolio of products to a limited set of doctors. Setting up a fresh team or expanding the team involves a large and complicated logistical exercise. We provide a contract marketing staff that can be added to your marketing team for a fixed period as per the needs of your product portfolio.

Our contract sales team has been deployed across various stages of the product life cycle. We build, install, and operate professional marketing teams for promoting the selected products amongst the targeted audience. Each marketing team is specifically recruited, trained, and maintained for each individual client / project. Each team is provided an intensive induction and training program. Quality control is conducted via an independent internal unit via monitoring of call activity, sales target achievement, and product knowledge. The brand / marketing teams are encouraged to regularly interact with the contract teams via regional meetings and joint working meetings.

Launch phase Growth phase Maturity phase Decline phase
Objectives Extend reach Brand recognition Organizing strategic Continuing Medical Events (CME) Cover “uncovered” specialists Retail campaign / merchandizing Market mapping / research Promote in newer markets Manage selective line extensions Manage promotional schemes Promote in newer markets Manage selective line extensions