Healthcare Market Research

"We help understand physician prescribing decisions and trends in the market landscape."

We conduct custom market research to address your specific marketing and commercial challenges via qualitative and / or quantitative market research through our pan-India data collection network. Our ability to analyze market level data using advanced analytical techniques and our therapeutic level expertise helps generate strategic insights for your brand. Here are some of our research solutions based on the stage of your product in the life cycle.

Pre clinical phase 1,2,3 Phase 3, 3b, Pre-Launch Phase 4, Post-Launch
  • Landscape/Oppertunity assessment
  • KOL Research
  • Unmet needs/Gap Analysis
  • Product profile testing
  • Exploratory pricing
  • Threshold pricing analysis
  • Product Profile Testing
  • Product uptake / demand analysis
  • Pricing (elasticity and sensitivity)
  • Positioning and messaging
  • Segmentation
  • Scenario testing
  • Overall launch strategy
  • Satisfaction / Loyalty - Physicians and Patients
  • Market segmentation
  • Strategy evaluation
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Re-positioning
  • Forecast validation
  • Messaging and detail aid testing
  • Pricing research

Research Methodologies:

Qualitative research: In-depth interviews, focus groups, observational studies

Quantitative research: Online surveys, online patient chart audits, quick pulse surveys

Therapeutic Expertise:

We have conducted studies in the following therapeutic areas: oncology, nephrology, gastroenterology, endocrine disorders, cardiovascular conditions, infectious diseases, ophthalmology, and dermatology.

Analytical Capabilities:

Include market segmentation based on attitudinal and prescription level data, three dimensional product positioning (perceptual mapping), key driver analysis, dynamic forecasting models, ROI assessments of various marketing activities, and discrete choice modeling.

Data Collection Capabilities:

We use a network of moderators and work on a pan-India basis. Our moderators specialize in healthcare research and have experience in interacting with healthcare professionals. We have successfully conducted market research studies with hospital-based physicians, office-based physicians (GP’s and Specialists), pharmacy stores, pathological labs, and patients.

Key Statistics:

Physicians Across India in RS Associates panel (including Tier > 1 and Tier 2-3 cities)

Hospitals across India in RS Associates panel

Market research studies conducted to date